How do customers feel when they receive branded promotional items?

The distribution of branded products or promotional products has been a norm amongst businesses for several years now, and they are ready to take this valuable investment to a whole new level. According to certain surveys, nearly 75-88% of the customers are always delighted to receive free promotional products, and up to 58% of the recipients urge their friends to get promotional products for free from its distributors. Customers are always happy to receive free products, and they would be encouraged to recommend the product to their friends or family. If a promotional products includes branded mugs, branded USBs, branded tote bags, or even branded chocolates then, they would be inclined to learn more about your business, and who knows that they might end up becoming your long-term customers in the long run. While, not every recipient is happy to receive the product—there is a large percentage of recipients who are likely to keep the promotional products under their possession for up to two years. If you provide them with a branded annual calendar then, they would be exposed to your brand name around the year, and they might be interested in visiting your business website or, perhaps make a purchase from your website A recipient of a branded product is elated to get its feedback or review in exchange for freebies, and you will never know how it would benefit your business significantly in the long run. It is important to take the thoughts, feedback, remarks, and comments of your customers when manufacturing branded products for them. If the recipients are displeased with the product in any way then, it wouldn’t do wonders to your business. Therefore, always conduct a survey on the preferences of promotional branded products to make sure that you are getting a feasible return on investment for your investments.